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Two-Color Photoassociation Spectroscopy of the Lowest Triplet Potential of Na2



L E. de Araujo, J D. Weinstein, S D. Gensemer, F K. Fatemi, Kevin Jones, Paul D. Lett, Eite Tiesinga


We have performed a type of Autler-Townes spectroscopy to locate a number of rovibrational hyperfine levels of the a ^3^ς+u potential, the lowest triplet potential of the Na2 dimer. The spectroscopy starts with the photoassociation of ultracold atoms in a magneto-optical trap. We have measured the binding energies of approximately 100 individual states spanning the vibrational levels Ņ=8-15 of this potential (binding energies up to 27 cm-1). We obtain a typical accuracy of 15 MHz and a typical resolution of {difference} 20 MHz, improving on the 10 GHz accuraxy and 30 GHz resolution previously available for the vibrational states Ņ
Journal of Chemical Physics
No. 4


atomic collisions, hyperfine structure, laser cooling, molecular spectroscopy, photoassociation, Raman spectroscopy, sodium dimers, spectroscopy


de, L. , Weinstein, J. , Gensemer, S. , Fatemi, F. , Jones, K. , Lett, P. and Tiesinga, E. (2003), Two-Color Photoassociation Spectroscopy of the Lowest Triplet Potential of Na<sub>2</sub>, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed December 2, 2023)
Created July 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017