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Two Applications of Small Feature Dimensional Measurements on a CMM with a Fiber Probe



Eric S. Stanfield, Bala Muralikrishnan, Theodore D. Doiron, Xiaoyu Alan Zheng, Shahram Orandi, david Duquette


We describe two interesting applications of dimensional measurements performed using a contact fiber probe on a commercial Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Both examples involve artifacts that serve as material standards and contain features in the 100 µm to 500 µm range. The first application involves measuring the spacing between features, either holes or rectangular prisms, on a cylinder that is approximately the size of a finger. The artifact, referred to as the fingerprint target, serves as a standard for verifying the performance of fingerprint scanners. The second application involves measuring the volume of small three-dimensional features such as cylinders and rectangular prisms that rise from a plate. We refer to this artifact as the volume target, and they serve as volume Standards for manufacturers and users of solder paste inspection systems (SPI). In each case, we discuss the challenges presented by these artifacts, describe the measurand, the measurement plan, describe error sources and tabulate an uncertainty budget.
Measurement Science and Technology


coordinate metrology, dimensional metrology, fiber probe, fingerprint, micro-feature, volume


Stanfield, E. , Muralikrishnan, B. , Doiron, T. , Zheng, X. , Orandi, S. and Duquette, D. (2013), Two Applications of Small Feature Dimensional Measurements on a CMM with a Fiber Probe, Measurement Science and Technology (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created September 3, 2013, Updated October 12, 2021