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Tunable Multiferroic Order Parameters in Sr1-xBaxMn1-yTiyO3



Kamal Chapagain, Dennis E. Brown, Stanislaw Kolesnik, Saul Lapidus, Bianca Haberl, Jamie Molaison, Chuanlong Lin, Curtis Kenney-Benson, Changyong Park, Jaroslaw Pietosa, Ewa Markiewicz, Bartlomiej Andrzejewski, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Stephan Rosenkranz, Bogdan Dabrowski, Omar Chmaissem


Responding to the rapidly increasing demand for efficient energy usage and increased speed and functionality of electronic and spintronic devices, multiferroic oxides have recently emerged as key materials capable of tackling this multifacted challenge. In this paper, we describe the development of unique single-site manganese-based multiferroic perovskite materials with modest amounts of nonmagnetic Ti at the magnetic Mn site in Sr1-xBaxMn1-yO3 (SBMTO). Significantly enhanced ferroelectric properties were achieved with functional transition temperatures boosted to ~430 K. Ferroelectric (FE) distortions with large spontaneous polarization values of ~30 υC/cm2 like those of the prototypical nonmagnetic BaTiO3 have been successfully obtained. Temperature dependence of the system's properties was investigated by synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and neutron powder diffraction (NPD) at ambient and high pressures. Various relationships were determined between the structural and magnetic properties, Ba and Ti contents, and TnN and Tc. Most importantly, our results demonstrate the large coupling between the magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters and the wide tunability of this coupling by slight variations of the material's stoichiometry.
Physical Review Materials


Robust Ferroelectric, Antiferromagnet, neutron diffraction, bulk properties, x-ray diffraction, Manganese compound
Created August 1, 2019, Updated January 16, 2020