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TRECVID 2013 -- An Overview of the Goals, Tasks, Data, Evaluation Mechanisms, and Metrics



Paul D. Over, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Gregory A. Sanders, David M. Joy, Martial Michel, George M. Awad, Alan Smeaton, Wessel Kraaij, Georges Quenot


TRECVID 2013 was a TREC-style video analysis and retrieval evaluation, the goal of which remains to promote progress in content-based exploitation of digital video via open, metrics-based evaluation. Over the last ten years this effort has yielded a better understanding of how systems can effectively accomplish such processing and how one can reliably benchmark their performance. TRECVID is funded by the NIST and other US government agencies. Many organizations and individuals worldwide contribute significant time and effort. TRECVID 2013 represented a continuation of five tasks from 2012. 51 teams completed one or more of five tasks: semantic indexing, instance search, multimedia event detection, multimedia event recounting, surveillance event detection.
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evaluation, TRECVID, video analytics


Over, P. , Fiscus, J. , Sanders, G. , Joy, D. , Michel, M. , Awad, G. , Smeaton, A. , Kraaij, W. and Quenot, G. (2014), TRECVID 2013 -- An Overview of the Goals, Tasks, Data, Evaluation Mechanisms, and Metrics, TRECVID Publications Home, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created May 5, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017