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TREC: An Overview



Donna K. Harman, Ellen M. Voorhees


The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) is a workshop series designed to build the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of text retrieval technology. Participants in the workshops (over 100 groups in the latest TREC) have been drawn from the academic, commercial, and government sectors, and have included representatives from more than 20 different countries. These collective efforts have accomplished a great deal: a variety of large test collections have been built for both traditional ad hoc retrieval and related tasks such as cross-language retrieval, speech retrieval, and question answering; retrieval effectiveness has approximately doubled; and many commercial retrieval systems now contain technology first developed in TREC. This chapter chronicles the first twelve years of TREC, with extensive references to the experiments that have been done during those years.
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology
Publisher Info
, 0, Ch 40


evaluation, information retrieval, test collections, TREC
Created February 17, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017