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Trapped-ion spin-motion coupling with microwaves and a near-motional oscillating magnetic field gradient



Raghavendra Srinivas, Shaun C. Burd, R. T. Sutherland, Andrew C. Wilson, David J. Wineland, Dietrich G. Leibfried, David T. Allcock, Daniel H. Slichter


We present a new method of spin-motion coupling for trapped ions using microwaves and a magnetic field gradient oscillating close to the ions' motional frequency. We demonstrate and characterize this coupling experimentally using a single ion in a surface-electrode trap that incorporates current-carrying electrodes to generate the microwave field and the oscillating magnetic field gradient. Using this method, we perform resolved-sideband cooling of a single motional mode to its ground state.
Physical Review Letters


magnetic field gradients, microwaves, quantum information, spin-spin coupling, trapped ions
Created April 26, 2019, Updated May 20, 2019