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Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing with Squeezed Phonons



Wenchao Ge, Brian Sawyer, Joseph W. Britton, Kurt Jacobs, John Bollinger, Michael Foss-Feig


Trapped ions offer a pristine platform for quantum computation and simulation, but improving their coherence remains a crucial challenge. Here, we propose and analyze a new strategy to enhance the coherent interactions in trapped-ion systems via parametric amplification of the ions' motion: By driving the collective motional modes (phonons) into non-classical states, the spin-spin interactions they mediate can be significantly enhanced. We illustrate the power of this approach by showing how it can enhance collective spin states useful for quantum metrology, and how it can improve the speed and fidelity of two-qubit gates in multi-ion systems, an important ingredient for scalable trapped ion quantum computation. Our results are also directly relevant to numerous other physical platforms in which spin interactions are mediated by bosons.
Physical Review Letters


boson-mediated interactions, parametric amplification, quantum information, quantum metrology, quantum simulation, squeezed phonons, trapped ions


Ge, W. , Sawyer, B. , Britton, J. , Jacobs, K. , Bollinger, J. and Foss-Feig, M. (2019), Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing with Squeezed Phonons, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created January 23, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021