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Transport dynamics of single ions in segmented microstructured Paul trap arrays



Rainer Reichle, Dietrich G. Leibfried, Brad R. Blakestad, Joseph W. Britton, John D. Jost, Emanuel H. Knill, C. Langer, R Ozeri, Signe Seidelin, David J. Wineland


It was recently proposed to use small groups of trapped ions as qubit carriers in miniaturized electrode arrays that comprise a large number of individual trapping zones, between which ions could be moved. This approach might be scalable for quantum information processing with a large numbers of qubits.Processing of quantum information is achieved by transporting ions to and from separate memory and qubit manipulation zones in between quantum logic operations. The transport of ion groups in this scheme plays a major role and requires precise experimental control and fast transport times. In this paper we introduce a theoretical framework to study ion transport in external potentials that might be created by typical miniaturized Paul trap electrode arrays. In particular we discuss the relationship between classical and quantum descriptions of the transport and study the energy transfer to the oscillatory motion during near-adiabatic transport. Based on our findings we suggest a numerical method to find electrode potentials as a function of time to optimize the local potential an ion experiences during transport. We demonstrate this method for one specific electrode geometry that should closely represent the situation encountered in realistic trap arrays.
Fortschritte Der Physik-Progress of Physics


ion transport, quantum information processing, trapped ions


Reichle, R. , Leibfried, D. , Blakestad, B. , Britton, J. , Jost, J. , Knill, E. , Langer, C. , Ozeri, R. , Seidelin, S. and Wineland, D. (2006), Transport dynamics of single ions in segmented microstructured Paul trap arrays, Fortschritte Der Physik-Progress of Physics, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created August 4, 2006, Updated January 27, 2020