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Transmission Near-Field Scanning Microscope for Infrared Chemical Imaging



B Dragnea, J Preusser, W Schade, S R. Leone, W D. Hinsberg


We report transmission infrared near-field scanning microscopy (IR-NSOM) imaging of chemically amplified photoresist polymers patterned by ultraviolet exposure. Chemical specificity was attained using infrared wavelengths tuned to the 3 m OH stretch absorption band of the polymer, a band sensitive to the chemical changes characteristic of the lithographic photochemical process of this material. Contrast mechanisms are discussed togetehr with the IR-NSOM specifics, such as the fabrication of an infrared near-field probe with high throughput, which lead to an attainable resolution of λ/10 and a transmission sensitivity of 1%.
Journal of Applied Physics
No. 5


infrared, near-field, optical microscopy, photoresist polymers


Dragnea, B. , Preusser, J. , Schade, W. , Leone, S. and Hinsberg, W. (1999), Transmission Near-Field Scanning Microscope for Infrared Chemical Imaging, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created August 31, 1999, Updated October 12, 2021