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Transgranular Cracking in a Liquid Zn Embrittled High Strength Steel



Diptak Bhattacharya, Lawrence Cho, Ellen Van der Aa, Hassan Ghassemi-Armaki, Andreas Pichler, Kip O. Findley, John G. Speer


Intergranular Zn-assisted liquid metal embrittlement (LME) cracks have been frequently reported in steels, involving austenite grain boundary penetration of liquid Zn at high temperature. In the present study, a Zn-coated high strength steel was deformed at an intercritical temperature; and the characteristics of LME cracking were studied in a mixed microstructure composed of ferrite and austenite at the deformation temperature. Crack propagation was intergranular in austenite; in contrast, the ferrite exhibited both intergranular LME and “transgranular” LME. Trace analysis of the crack orientation was consistent with cracking along {100} cleavage planes.
Scripta Materialia


Liquid metal embrittlement, high strength steel, Zn, intercritical, ferrite, transgranular cracking
Created January 15, 2020, Updated October 7, 2019