The Transactive Energy Abstract Component Model

Published: November 30, 2018


Martin J. Burns, Yuyin Song, David G. Holmberg


The transactive energy (TE) abstract component model (“Model”) was the product of a tiger team effort engaged by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), Vanderbilt University, and Carnegie Mellon University during the summer of 2016 in support of the NIST Transactive Energy Challenge. The purpose of this activity was to distill from the collective experience of the participants an abstract model of a transactive energy system consisting of an energy grid, loads, generators, controllers, and transactive agents.
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1900-750
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Transactive Energy, Smart Grid
Created November 30, 2018, Updated November 30, 2018