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Traceable localization enables accurate integration of quantum emitters and photonic structures with high yield



Craig R. Copeland, Adam L. Pintar, Ronald G. Dixson, Ashish Chanana, Kartik Srinivasan, Daron Westly, Robert Ilic, Marcelo Davanco, Samuel M. Stavis


In a popular integration process for quantum information technologies, localization microscopy of quantum emitters guides lithographic placement of photonic structures. However, a complex coupling of microscopy and lithography errors degrades registration accuracy, severely limiting device performance and process yield. We introduce a methodology to solve this widespread but poorly understood problem. A new foundation of traceable localization enables rapid characterization of lithographic standards and comprehensive calibration of cryogenic microscopes, revealing and correcting latent systematic effects. Of particular concern, we discover that scale factor deviation and complex optical distortion couple to dominate registration errors. These novel results parameterize a process model for integrating quantum dots and bullseye resonators, predicting higher yield by orders of magnitude, depending on the Purcell factor threshold as a quantum performance metric. Our foundational methodology is a key enabler of the lab-to-fab transition of quantum information technologies and has broader implications to cryogenic and correlative microscopy.
Optica Quantum


Copeland, C. , Pintar, A. , Dixson, R. , Chanana, A. , Srinivasan, K. , Westly, D. , Ilic, R. , Davanco, M. and Stavis, S. (2024), Traceable localization enables accurate integration of quantum emitters and photonic structures with high yield, Optica Quantum, [online],, (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created March 18, 2024, Updated April 16, 2024