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Towards a Reference Ontology for Supply Chain Management



Evan K. Wallace


This paper summarizes the results from recent activities of the IOF Supply Chain Working Group (SC WG). The objectives of the IOF SC WG are to identify requirements, notions and terms from the supply chain domain, develop a domain-specific reference ontology (DSRO), and validate the developed ontology by widening the scope to multiple use cases across the domain. The development of the current reference ontology was motivated by exploring use cases related to supplier discovery and supply chain traceability. This paper is not intended to provide a detailed discussion on linguistic and axiomatic analysis of the ontological entities. Rather, the intention is to provide an overview of the objectives, accomplishment and challenges of this working group and highlight the key discussion points for the workshop.
Proceedings Title
10th International Conference on
Interoperability for Enterprise
Systems and Applications
"Interoperability in the Era of Artificial Intelligence"
Conference Dates
November 17-19, 2020
Conference Location
Tarbes, -1


ontology, supply chain, manufacturing, traceability
Created February 9, 2021, Updated December 31, 2020