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Towards a "Periodic Table" of Bugs



Irena Bojanova


Our vision for a "periodic table" of bugs is a "natural" organization of a catalog or dictionary or taxonomy to describe software weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Such an organization will help the community to: a) more closely explain the nature of vulnerabilities (e.g. Heartbleed, Shellshock, Ghost, Chrome WebCore, etc.) and eventually detect, mitigate, or prevent them b) more closely describe the classes of weaknesses that tools warnings cover (e.g. buffer overflow, injection, etc.) c) eliminate the need for an exhaustive Cartesian product of weakness classes as in CWEs [1]. It may also help: d) predict new classes of weaknesses and vulnerabilities e) improve existing classifications.
Bugs Framework (BF)


Bug, Classification, Security, Taxonomy, Vulnerability, Weakness


Bojanova, I. (2015), Towards a "Periodic Table" of Bugs, Bugs Framework (BF), [online],, (Accessed July 19, 2024)


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Created April 8, 2015, Updated December 8, 2023