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Towards One-electron Ions in Rydberg States for Laser Spectroscopy



Joseph N. Tan, Samuel M. Brewer, Nicholas D. Guise


Simple quantum systems play important roles in the determination of fundamental constants. Very recently at NIST, bare nuclei created in an EBIT were extracted and captured in a novel compact Penning trap. This is a step towards production of one-electron ions isolated in an ion trap designed to facilitate recombination experiments and laser spectroscopy. Our goal is to form Rydberg states that can be probed accurately using optical frequency metrology, which could provide a new determination of the Rydberg constant that is independent of the proton radius.
Proceedings Title
Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
Conference Dates
July 1-6, 2012
Conference Location
Washington , DC, US


ion trapping, exotic atoms and molecules, Determination of fundamental constants, Experimental tests of Quantum Electrodynamics


Tan, J. , Brewer, S. and Guise, N. (2012), Towards One-electron Ions in Rydberg States for Laser Spectroscopy, Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, Washington , DC, US, [online], (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created July 30, 2012, Updated July 3, 2023