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Towards Demand Response Measurement and Verification Standards



David G. Holmberg, David Hardin, Ed Koch


The value and impact of demand response (DR) at grid-scale depends upon the widespread and active participation of a diverse customer base. The level of participation by customers is impacted by financial compensation and return-on-investment. The role of demand response measurement and verification (M&V) is to determine the quantity of energy or power that is “delivered” by a DR resource under the conditions imposed by a DR program. The value and impact of demand response depends upon M&V standards that are fair, simple and accurate. This paper reviews the state of demand response M&V standards as they relate to DR programs, summarizes technical issues, and offers recommendations for addressing these issues in an effort to strengthen the DR market.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of 2012 Grid Interop, Irving, TX, Dec 3-6, 2012
Conference Dates
December 5-6, 2012
Conference Location
Irving, TX


demand response, M&V
Created May 1, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017