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Time-Shifting the Dynamics of Li2 Multistate Rovibrational Wave Packets by State Selective Coherent Phase Control



Z Amitay, R Uberna, S R. Leone


State-selective coherent phase control using single shaped femtosecond laser pulses is implemented to achieve forward and backward shifts in time (up to a global arbitrary phase) of the rovibrational Li2(E1ςg+) wave packet evolution dielectric flux}(t)->dielectric flux}(t - tshift). Experimentally, the result is reflected as a time translation of the whole measured pump-probe transient. The wave packet is composed of eight rovibrational quantum states excited from a single selected rovibrational level (using a cw laser) of the A1ςu+ electronic state. The high degree of control over the exact coherent superposition of the wave packet states is accomplished using a pulse shaping setup incorporating a liquid crystal spatial light modulator to encode the desired phases in the pump pulse. Beyond the direct implications of this work involving the experimental implementation of coherent control, it is also relevant to the separation of linear effects fraom non-linear effects when the pump and probe beams overlap in time and to the possibility of probing molecular dynamics and coherent configurations that, without phase control would occur only at long times after the wave packet excitation. This is relevant, for example, to highly dissipative environments where the wave packet dephases on short time scales.
Proceedings Title
Quantum Control of Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Workshop | | | World Scientific
Conference Dates
December 1, 1999
Conference Location
Conference Title
Advances in Multiphoton Processes and Spectroscopy


coherent control, femtosecond pulses, pulse shaping, wave packet dynamics


Amitay, Z. , Uberna, R. and Leone, S. (2001), Time-Shifting the Dynamics of Li<sub>2</sub> Multistate Rovibrational Wave Packets by State Selective Coherent Phase Control, Quantum Control of Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Workshop | | | World Scientific, Undefined (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created May 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021