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Time Resolved Size Distributions of Test Smokes and Nuisance Aerosols



Thomas Cleary


An electrical low-pressure impactor (ELPI) has been used to measure the size distribution of various test smokes and nuisance aerosols generated in the fire emulator/detector evaluator (FE/DE). Previously reported size results were time-averaged values with sampling times on the order of five minute required to collect a weighable amount. The ELPI is a 12-stage cascade impactor that separates particles between an aerodynamic diameter size range of 0.03 mm to 10 mm, which covers a wide range of particle sizes of interest in smoke alarm research. A complete size distribution is recorded every 10 s. The size distributions of several test smokes including: propene, soot, and smoldering cotton and wood smoke were measured throughout smoke alarm exposure tests. The size distribution of several nuisance aerosols including: dust, cigarette smoke, and cooking smokes were also measured. Additionally, comparisons were made between the ELPI results and results from a tapered element oscillating microbalance and the measuring ionization chamber.
To Be Determined


cascade impactor, fire emulator/detector evaluator, size distribution, smoke, smoke alarm


Cleary, T. (2017), Time Resolved Size Distributions of Test Smokes and Nuisance Aerosols, To Be Determined (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017