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Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of EMC Test Facilities



David R. Novotny, Robert T. Johnk, Claude Weil, Seturnino Canales


We have developed a methodology to determine the quality of an EMC test facility using equipment that may be generally available to RF testing services. By utilizing both, the time- and frequency-domains, an accurate picture of the scattering , and modal properties of the facility can be determined. This gives more information about the facility performance than a traditional scalar, frequency sweep of the facility. While the frequency information given from traditional NSA type measurements are available, this dual-domain method highlights the causes of the irregularities. This can help eliminate guesswork and focus remediation efforts to a facility that may be out of compliance.
Conference Dates
October 21-26, 2001
Conference Location
Denver, CO, USA
Conference Title
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association


chamber, EMC, facility evaluation, FAR, NSA, OATS


Novotny, D. , Johnk, R. , Weil, C. and Canales, S. (2001), Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of EMC Test Facilities, Antenna Measurement Techniques Association, Denver, CO, USA (Accessed May 29, 2023)
Created September 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021