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Three-Magon Splitting and Confluence Processes for Magnetostatic Backward Volume-Spin-Wave Excitations in Yttrium Iron Garnet Films



Pavel Kabos, Cesar O. Ordonez-Romero, Boris A. Kalinikos, Pavol Krivosik, Wei Tong, Carl E. Patton


Brillouin light scattering (BLS) has been used to observe and confirm the existence of nonlinear three magnon splitting and confluence processes for propagating spin waves in the magnetostatic backward volume wave (MSBVW) configuration. Wave vector and frequency selective BLS techniques were also used to provide a quantitative map of the wave vector makeup for the parametrically excited half frequency dipole-exchange spin wave (DESW) split magnons and the confluence magnons that result from the recombination of these DESW modes. The experimental wave vector maps for the product splitting and confluence magnons matched nicely with those expected from spin wave theory. The data were obtained with (1) a strip line excitation/detection transducer structure, (2) forward scattering BLS optics, (3) a fixed magnetic field of 352 Oe applied along the propagation direction, (4) pumping frequencies from 2.5 down to 2.1 GHz, (5) and cw input powers from 200 µW to 6 mW. The wave vector selective measurements utilized variable diameter circular diaphragms, rotatable slit apertures, and circular light blocks to access spin waves with wave numbers from about 100 to rad/cm and the full 360 range of angles of propagation.
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)
Created April 27, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017