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Three-Body Wear of Dental Resin Composites Reinforced With Silica-Fused Whiskers



Hockin D. Xu, Janet Quinn, Anthony A. Giuseppetti, F Eichmiller, Edward E. Parry, Gary E. Schumacher


Objective: Recent studies used silica-fused whiskers to increase the strength and toughness of resin composites. This study investigated the three-body wear of whisker composites. It was hypothesized that the whisker composites would be more wear resistant than composites reinforced with fine glass particles, and the whisker-to-silica filler ratio would significantly affect wear.Methods: Silica particles were mixed with silicon nitride whiskers at seven different whisker/(whisker + silica) mass fractions (%): 0, 16.7, 33.3, 50, 66.7, 83.3, and 100. Each mixture was heated at 800 C to fuse the silica particles onto the whiskers. Each powder was then silanized and incorporated into a dental resin to make the wear specimens. A four-station wear machine was used with specimens immersed in a slurry containing polymethyl methacrylate beads, and a steel pin was loaded and rotated against the specimen at a maximum load of 76 N.Results: Whisker-to-silica ratio had significant effects (one-way ANOVA; p
Dental Materials Congress
No. 3


Dental resin composite, mechanisms, reinforcement, silica fusion, three-body, wear, whiskers


Xu, H. , Quinn, J. , Giuseppetti, A. , Eichmiller, F. , Parry, E. and Schumacher, G. (2004), Three-Body Wear of Dental Resin Composites Reinforced With Silica-Fused Whiskers, Dental Materials Congress (Accessed June 16, 2024)


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Created March 1, 2004, Updated February 17, 2017