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Thermophysical Properties of Carbon Dioxide and CO2-Rich Mixtures



Allan H. Harvey, Ian H. Bell, Marcia L. Huber, Arno R. Laesecke, Eric W. Lemmon, Christopher W. Meyer, Chris D. Muzny, Richard A. Perkins


This report summarizes the results of work performed under DOE/NETL Interagency Agreement DE- FE0003931, which began in October 2011 and ended (after a 6-month no-cost extension) March 31, 2015. The key objectives for this work were to: (1) Measure the dew point of water in compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) at temperatures relevant for pipeline transport. (2) Use the measured data to optimize a mixture thermodynamic model for the H2O/CO2 system. (3) Produce a new, reference-quality correlation for the viscosity of pure CO2. (4) Measure the thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide over a wide range of conditions. (5) Produce a new, reference-quality correlation for the thermal conductivity of pure CO2.
Report to US Department of Energy


carbon dioxide, thermal conductivity, viscosity, water, working fluids
Created May 9, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017