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Thermodynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions



Robert N. Goldberg, Yadu D. Tewari


This review, which has been prepared for the McGraw-Hill 2003 Yearbook of Science and Technology, gives an overview of the thermodynamics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Topics include the thermodynamic formalism(s) used in this field, computational methods, sources of data, some applications of the results, and possible future developments.
McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology 2003
Publisher Info
McGraw Hill , New York, NY


chemical thermodynamics, enthalpy, enzyme-catalyzed reactions, equilibrium constant, Gibbs free energy


Goldberg, R. and Tewari, Y. (2003), Thermodynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions, McGraw Hill , New York, NY (Accessed June 9, 2023)
Created March 1, 2003, Updated February 19, 2017