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Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfur Hexafluoride



John J. Hurly, Dana R. Defibaugh, Michael R. Moldover


We present new vapor phase speed-of-sound data u(P,T), new Burnett density-pressure-temperature data ρ(P,T), and a few vapor pressure measurements for sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). The speed-of-sound data spanned the temperature range 230 K {less than or equal to} T {less than or equal to} 460 K and reached maximum pressures that were the lesser of 1.5 MPa or 80% of the vapor pressure of SF6. The Burnett ρ(P,T) data were obtained on isochores spanning the density range 137 mol . m-3 {less than or equal to} ρ {less than or equal to} 4380 mol . m^-3^ and the temperature range 283 K {less than or equal to} T {less than or equal to} 393 K. (The corresponding pressure range is 0.3 MPa {less than or equal to} P {less than or equal to} 9.0 MPa.) The u(P,T) data below 1.5 MPa were correlated using a model hard-core, Lennard-Jones intermolecular potential for the second and third virial coefficients and a polynomial for the perfect gas heat capacity. The resulting nist-equation of state has very high accuracy at low densities; it is useful for calibrating mass flow controllers and may be extrapolated to 1000 K. The new u(P,T) data and the new ρ(P,T) data were simultaneously correlated with a virial nist-equation of state containing four terms with the temperature dependencies of model square-well potentials. This correlation extends nearly to the critical density and may help resolve contradictions among data sets from the literature.
International Journal of Thermophysics
No. 3


Burnett, equation-of-state, heat capacity, intermolecular potential, SF<sub>6</sub>, speed-of-sound, sulfur hexafluoride, thermodynamic properties, vapor pressure
Created May 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017