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Thermochemistry of Inosine



J A. Boerio-Goates, Sarah D. Hopkins, Ricardo A. Monteiro, M D. Ribeiro da Silva, M A. Ribeiro da Silva, Robert N. Goldberg


The formation thermodynamic properties of crystalline and aqueous inosine have been determined by using a combination of calorimetric techniques. Oxygen bomb calorimetric measurements on crystalline inosine yielded a standard molar enthalpy of combustion of DcH m= ?(4802.2 4.5) kJ mol-1. From this, a value for the standard molar enthalpy of formation DfH m of ?(847.9 4.7) kJ mol-1 was obtained. The standard molar heat capacity of crystalline inosine has been measured over the temperature interval 15 = T/K = 325 by using an adiabatic calorimeter. The heat capacities were fit to a series of polynomials from which smoothed values for the standard thermal properties were calculated for 20 = T/K = 320. The standard molar entropy DT0S m(inosine,cr) at T = 298.15 K is (287.99 0.58) J K-1 mol-1 and the standard molar entropy of formation DfS m is -(1449.6 0.6) J K-1 mol-1. The standard Gibbs free energy of formation DfG m(inosine, cr) = ?(415.7 4.7) kJ mol-1. By using literature values of the standard molar enthalpy of solution and the saturation molality of inosine(cr), the standard molar thermodynamic properties of aqueous inosine at T = 298.15 K are found to be DfH m(inosine,aq) = -(819.8 4.7) kJ mol-1; DfG m(inosine,aq) = ?(409.2 4.8) kJ mol-1; and DT0S m(inosine,aq) = (360.1 1.8) J K?1 mol-1. These results are used to calculate standard thermodynamic properties of various aqueous species involving inosine, etc.
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics
No. 11


enthalpy of combustion, entropy, heat capacity, inosine, inosine 5'-triphosphate, ITP, standard transformed formation propertie


Boerio-Goates, J. , Hopkins, S. , Monteiro, R. , Ribeiro da Silva, M. , Ribeiro da Silva, M. and Goldberg, R. (2005), Thermochemistry of Inosine, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created October 31, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021