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Thermally Stable Ge/Cu/Ti Ohmic Contacts to n-type GaN



Nadin Mahadik, M V. Rao, Albert Davydov


he performance of novel Ge/Cu/Ti metallization scheme on n-type GaN has been investigated for obtaining thermally and electrically stable low resistance ohmic contacts. Isochronal (2 min) anneals in the 600 degrees C to 740 degrees C temperature range and isothermal (690 degrees C) anneals for 2 to 10 min duration were performed in inert atmosphere. For the 690 degrees C isothermal schedule, ohmic behavior was observed after annealing for 3 min or longer with a lowest contact resistivity of 9.1x10 superscript -5} Ω cm superscript 2} after the 10 min anneal for a net donor doping concentration of 9.2x10 superscript 17} cm superscript-3}. Mean roughness (R subscript a}) for anneals at 690 degrees C was almost constant at around 5 nm, up to an annealing duration of 10 min, which indicates a good thermal stability of the contact scheme.
Journal of Applied Physics


electrical contacts, GaN semiconductor, Ohmic contact


Mahadik, N. , Rao, M. and Davydov, A. (2008), Thermally Stable Ge/Cu/Ti Ohmic Contacts to n-type GaN, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed June 17, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008