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Thermal Longevity of Nano-Multilayer Magnetic Media



Edward Della Torre, Lawrence H. Bennett


A common concern about the use of particles a few nanometers in size in their stability. This paper addresses a technique for estimating the longevity on the basis of measurements that can be made in a reasonable time. Using the recently developed Preisach-Arrhenius model, the decay rate can be quantified using the chemical potential. Measurements in Co/Pt multilayers media have shown that at room temperature the fluctuating field is 2.61 mT. Since at room temperature, the entire decay can be seen when a field near the coercivity is applied, the longevity can be estimated at other holding fields by a linear extrapolaton.
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology


coercivity, nano-multilayer magnetic media, Preisach-Arrhenius model, thermal longevity


Della, E. and Bennett, L. (2002), Thermal Longevity of Nano-Multilayer Magnetic Media, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (Accessed February 26, 2024)
Created January 21, 2002, Updated February 17, 2017