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Thermal Issues in Machine Tools



Josef Mayr, Jerzy Jedrzejewski, Eckart Uhlmann, Alkan Donmez, Wolfgang Knapp, Frank H?rtig, Klaus Wendt, Paul Shore, Robert Schmitt, Christian Brecher, Timo W?rz, Konrad Wegener


This paper presents a review of the latest research activities and gives an overview of the state of the art in the field of thermal errors on machine tools. The topics are focused on metal cutting machine tools especially on turning and milling machines as well as machining centres. Since the previous published keynote papers of Bryan et al. in 1990 and Weck et al. in 1995 big changes in applied techniques for thermal error took place. Today new measurement techniques are used to detect temperatures and thermal errors on machine tools. Especially in computing thermal errors of machine tools new procedures are introduced. While in the early 1990's numerical methods like the Finite Element Method (FEM) were used seldom because of the limited CPU power, today this is state of the art. Today almost all machine tools are equipped with numerical control. These brought new investigations in the field of reducing thermal errors of machine tools especially using NC compensation. Furthermore, discussions and research activities in the field of energy efficiency of machine tools show that a lot of energy is used to control temperatures and the environment of machine tools which shall be addressed shortly. Finally an outlook of future research work and topics to be analyzed are given.
CIRP Annals


Machine tool, Thermal error, Compensation


Mayr, J. , Jedrzejewski, J. , Uhlmann, E. , Donmez, A. , Knapp, W. , H?rtig, F. , Wendt, K. , Shore, P. , Schmitt, R. , Brecher, C. , W?rz, T. and Wegener, K. (2012), Thermal Issues in Machine Tools, CIRP Annals (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created October 18, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021