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Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of the Aviation Turbine Fuel Jet-A



Jason A. Widegren, Thomas J. Bruno


As part of a larger-scale thermophysical and transport property measurement project, the global decomposition kinetics of the aviation turbine fuel Jet-A was investigated. Decomposition reactions were performed at 375, 400, 425, and 450 °C in stainless steel ampule reactors. At each temperature, the extent of decomposition was determined as a function of time by gas chromatography. These data were used to derive global pseudo-first-order rate constants that approximate the overall decomposition rate of the mixture. Decomposition rate constants ranged from 5.9 10-6 s-1 at 375 °C to 4.4 10-4 s-1 at 450 °C. The kinetic data were used to derive Arrhenius parameters of A = 4.1 1012 s-1 and Ea= 220 kJ•mol-1. In addition to the decomposition kinetics, we have also done a GC-MS analysis of the vapor phase that is produced by the thermal stress applied during the decomposition measurements.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research


Arrhenius parameters, aviation turbine fuel, complex fluids, hydrocarbon mixtures, Jet-A, kerosene, kinetic rate constants, thermal decomposition
Created July 2, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017