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Theory of Layer SMA Actuators



Alexander L. Roytburd, Julia Slutsker


Two types of multilayer actuators based on a shape memory alloy (SMA) film as an adtive component are explored theoretically. One of them uses the bending of an actuator due to the movement of an austenite/martensite interface of a SMA film parallel to a film plane. Another type of actuation uses the combination of passive layers with different coefficients of thermal expansion for engineering of the bend curvature. It is shown that in both cases the actuating deformation of the multilayer actuators can be optimized by the combination of the layers with different eleastic properties, misfits and thickness.
Materials Transactions


actuators, bending, multilayer, shape memory alloy films


Roytburd, A. and Slutsker, J. (2021), Theory of Layer SMA Actuators, Materials Transactions (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021