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Textile Composites: Modeling Strategies



S V. Lomov, G Huysmans, Y Luo, Richard~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Parnas, A Prodromou, I Verpoest, Frederick R. Phelan Jr.


Textile materials are characterised by the distinct hierarchy of structure, which should be represented by a model of textile geometry and mechanical behaviour. In spite of a profound investigation of textile materials and a number of theoretical models existing in the textile literature for different structures, a model covering all structures typical for composite reinforcements is not available. Hence the challenge addressed in the present work is to take full advantage of the hierarchical principle of textile modelling, creating a truly integrated modelling and design tool for textile composites It allows handling of complex textile structure computations in computer time counted by minutes instead of hours of the same non-linear, non-conservative behaviour of yarns in compression and bending. The architecture of the code implementing the model corresponds to the hierarchical structure of textile materials. The model of the textile geometry serves as a base for meso-mechanical and permeability models for composites, which provide therefore simulation tools for analysis of composites processing and properties.
31 No. 10


fiber perform, fiber porous media, lattice Boltzmann Simulation, permeability, polymer composites, resin transfer molding, textile modeling


Lomov, S. , Huysmans, G. , Luo, Y. , Parnas, R. , Prodromou, A. , Verpoest, I. and Phelan Jr., F. (2001), Textile Composites: Modeling Strategies, Composites, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created December 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021