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Testing the Reliability of Non-LTE Spectroscopic Models for Complex Ions



Yuri Ralchenko, S Hansen, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, C. Bowen, H.-K. Chung, J. Colgan, F. de Gaufridy de Dortan, C. J. Fontes, F. Gilleron, J.-C. Marques, R. Piron, O. Peyrusse, M. Poirier, A. Sasaki, E. Stambulchik, F. Thais


Collisional-radiative atomic models are widely used to help diagnose experimental plasma conditions through fitting and interpreting measured spectra. Here we present the results of a code comparison in which a variety of models determined plasma temperatures and densities by finding the best fit to an experimental L-shell Kr spectrum from a well characterized, but not benchmarked, laser plasma. While variations in diagnostic strategies and qualities of fit were significant, the results generally confirmed the typically quoted uncertainties for such diagnostics of ±20% in electron temperature and factors of about two in density. The comparison also highlighted some model features important for spectroscopic diagnostics: fine structure was required to match line positions and relative intensities within each charge state and for density diagnostics based on emission from metastable states; an extensive configuration set was required to fit the wings of satellite features and to reliably diagnose the temperature through the inferred charge state distribution; and the inclusion of self-consistent opacity effects was an important factor in the quality of the fit.
High Energy Density Physics


x-ray spectroscopy, atomic kinetics, plasma diagnostics, L-shell


Ralchenko, Y. , Hansen, S. , Bastiani-Ceccotti, S. , Bowen, C. , Chung, H. , Colgan, J. , de, F. , , C. , Gilleron, F. , Marques, J. , Piron, R. , Peyrusse, O. , Poirier, M. , Sasaki, A. , Stambulchik, E. and Thais, F. (2013), Testing the Reliability of Non-LTE Spectroscopic Models for Complex Ions, High Energy Density Physics, [online], (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created May 11, 2013, Updated June 2, 2021