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Test Environment and Procedures for Testing SafeBack 2.18



James R. Lyle


This document describes the testing of SafeBack 1.18. The Test cases that were applied are described in Disk Imaging Tool Specification, Version 1.1.6.The tests were run on test systems in the Computer Forensics Tool Testing Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A variety of hard drives were used for the tests. The source disks (the ones that are copied from) were setup with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or Linux EXT2 type partitions to represent the most common partition types.The main objective of this document is to provide enough information about the testing process for either an independent evaluation of the process or independent replication of the results. The intended audience for this document should be familiar with the DOS operating system, computer operation, computer hardware components such as hard drives, hard drive interfaces (e.g., IDE or SCSI) and computer forensics.
Test Environment and Procedures for Testing SafeBack 2.18
Created June 1, 2003, Updated February 19, 2017