Terbium-Doped Magnetite Nanocrystals for Multimodal Imaging Agents

Published: May 01, 2015


Katherine P. Rice, Stephen E. Russek, Roy H. Geiss, Justin M. Shaw, Robert J. Usselman, Eric R. Evarts, Thomas J. Silva, Hans T. Nembach, Elke Arenholz, Yves Idzerda


High quality cubic Tb-doped magnetite nanocrystals have been fabricated and have shown that the Tb is incorporated into the octahedral 3+ sites. Magnetization and FMR data indicate that the Tb spins are weakly coupled to the iron spin lattice at room temperature. These Tb-doped nanoagents, which have a large saturated moment, a large fluctuating moment, and a luminescent component, may provide unique magnetic resonance and optical imaging signatures.
Citation: Nano Letters
Volume: 106
Pub Type: Journals


nanopartices, bioimaging, magnetic resonance, dopant
Created May 01, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018