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Tensile Properties of Ti3SiC2 in the 25-1300 {degrees} C Temperature Range



M Radovic, M W. Barsoum, T El-Raghy, J Seidensticker, Sheldon M. Wiederhorn


Although significant progress has been achieved in understanding the mechanical behavior of bulk, polycrystalline Ti3SiC2 in compression and flexure, as far as we are aware there are no reports in the literature dealing with its mechanical response under tension. In this paper, we report on the functional dependence of the tensile response of fine-grained (3 υm to 5 υm) Ti3SiC2 on strain rates in the 25 {degrees} C to 1300 {degrees} C temperature range. Results presented here show that the tensile response of Ti3SiC2 is a strong function of strain rate and temperature. Increase I testing temperature and decrease in testing strain rate leads to large tensile plastic deformations. The high value of strain rate sensitivity (0.42 to 0.56) of Ti3SiC2 was obtained from tensile tests and confirmed by strain rate jump/drop test and stress jump creep tests. That value is equal to or greater than the strain rate sensitivity of most superplastic ceramics. The deformation of fine-grained Ti3SiC2 also has another aspect in common with superplastic ceramics -- significantly larger elongation to failure that are typically observed in ceramics. The large elongation to failure appears to result from a high degree of damage, not from a structure that remains self-similar throughout deformation (as in superplasticity).
Acta Materialia
No. 2


damage tolerance, high temperature, strain rate sensitivity, tensile properties, Ti<sub>3</sub>SiC<sub>2</sub>


Radovic, M. , Barsoum, M. , El-Raghy, T. , Seidensticker, J. and Wiederhorn, S. (2000), Tensile Properties of Ti<sub>3</sub>SiC<sub>2</sub> in the 25-1300 {degrees} C Temperature Range, Acta Materialia (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created January 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017