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Technology Trends Assessment - Thin Film Thermal Conductivity Measurement



A Feldman


The purpose of this document is to propose a standard procedure for measuring the thermal conductivity of insulating thin films on silicon substrates. The initial part of the assessment is a review of several measurement methods that have been used to measure the thermal conductivity of such films. Based on a recent interlaboratory comparison, a recommendation is made for the adoption of the three omega method as a standard measurement method. A draft standard measurement procedure is proposed.
ISO Bulletin


electro-thermal reflectance, photo-thermal reflectance, pulsed photo-thermal reflectance, round robin, thermal reflectance methods, thin film thermal conductivity, three omega method


Feldman, A. (2017), Technology Trends Assessment - Thin Film Thermal Conductivity Measurement, ISO Bulletin (Accessed September 21, 2023)
Created February 19, 2017