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Tailored State Preparation for Solid State Quantum Memory



Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt, Sergey V. Polyakov, Sarah E. Beavan, Jingyun Fan, Alan L. Migdall


We use spectral hole burning in Pr3+:Y2SiO5 in order to prepare spectral distributions of ions optimized for using such a material as a quantum memory for photon states. Our spectral hole-burning implementations include preparing an ensemble of ions to be the basis for an ensemble-based quantum memory as well as tailoring the spectral profile of the material for use as a narrow spectral filter. We develop a simple theoretical model of spectral hole-burning that can be applied to a wide variety of inhomogeneously broadened solids. Finally, we use our model to perform a computational optimization of part of our hole-burning state preparation sequence
SPIE proceedings series


Rare Earth Ion-Doped Crystal, Spectral Hole-Burnin, Quantum Memory


Goldschmidt, E. , Polyakov, S. , Beavan, S. , Fan, J. and Migdall, A. (2010), Tailored State Preparation for Solid State Quantum Memory, SPIE proceedings series, [online], (Accessed March 4, 2024)
Created May 16, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017