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Tailorable Acceptor C60-nBn and Donor C60-mNm Pairs for Molecular Electronics



R H. Xie, G C. Bryant, J Zhao, V H. Smith


Our first-principles calculations demonstrate that C60-nBn/C60-mNm molecules could be engineered acceptor/donor pair needed for molecular electronics by properly controlling the number n and m of the substitutional dopants in C60. As an example, we propose that acceptor C48 B12 and donor C48 N12 can be promising components for molecular rectifiers, nanotube-based p-type, n-type and n-p-n transistors and p-n junctions.
Physical Review Letters
no. 20


acceptor, C<sub>60</sub>, donor, doping, NMR, rectifier


Xie, R. , Bryant, G. , Zhao, J. and Smith, V. (2003), Tailorable Acceptor C<sub>60-n</sub>B<sub>n</sub> and Donor C<sub>60-m</sub>N<sub>m</sub> Pairs for Molecular Electronics, Physical Review Letters (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created May 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017