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A Table-Top Graphene Quantized Hall Standard



Albert F. Rigosi, Alireza R. Panna, Shamith U. Payagala, George R. Jones Jr., Marlin E. Kraft, Mattias Kruskopf, Bi Y. Wu, Hsin Y. Lee, Yanfei Yang, Dean G. Jarrett, Randolph E. Elmquist, David B. Newell


We report the performance of a quantum standard based on epitaxial graphene maintained in a 5 T table-top cryocooler system. The ν = 2 resistance plateau, with a value of RK-90/2, is used to scale to 1 kΩ, allowing comparisons of the performance of a binary cryogenic current comparator (BCCC) bridge and a room-temperature direct current comparator (DCC). The preliminary uncertainties achieved with the DCC are about 1 part in 108, while the BCCC uncertainty is like that obtained in state-of-the-art measurements using GaAs-based devices. This quantum standard requires no liquid He and can operate continuously, allowing year-round accessibility to traceable resistance measurements.
Proceedings Title
IEEE Proceedings
Conference Dates
July 8-14, 2018
Conference Location
Conference Title
Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM) 2018


quantized Hall resistance, epitaxial graphene, binary cryogenic current comparator, direct current comparator, standard resistor


Rigosi, A. , Panna, A. , Payagala, S. , Jones, G. , Kraft, M. , Kruskopf, M. , Wu, B. , Lee, H. , Yang, Y. , Jarrett, D. , Elmquist, R. and Newell, D. (2018), A Table-Top Graphene Quantized Hall Standard, IEEE Proceedings, Paris, -1, [online], (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created July 8, 2018, Updated July 25, 2019