A SysML Representation of the Wireless Factory Work-cell

Published: June 06, 2019


Richard Candell, Mohamed T. Hany, Yongkang Liu, Sebti Foufou


Smart Manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, provides a vision of future manufacturing systems that incorporate highly dynamic physical systems, robust and responsive communications systems, and computing paradigms to maximize efficiency, enable mobility, and realize the promises of the digital factory. Wireless technology is a key enabler of that vision. A comprehensive graphical model is developed for a generic wireless factory work-cell which employs the Systems Modeling Language (SysML), a standardized and semantically modeling language, to link the physical and network domains in such a cyber-physical system (CPS). Our model identifies the structural primitives, interfaces, and behaviors of the highly-connected factory work-cell in which wireless technology is used for significant data flows involved in control algorithms. The model includes the parametric definitions to encapsulate information loss, delay, and mutation associated with the wireless network, and it identifies pertinent wireless information flows.
Citation: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Pub Type: Journals

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industrial wireless, factory communications, networked control systems, manufacturing, cyber- physical systems, SysML
Created June 06, 2019, Updated April 03, 2019