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Synthetic 3D Spin-Orbit Coupling



Ian B. Spielman, Brandon Anderson, Gediminas Juzeliunas, Victor Galitski


We describe a method for creating a three-dimensional analogue to Rashba spin-orbit coupling in systems of ultracold atoms. This laser induced coupling uses Raman transitions to link four internal atomic states with a tetrahedral geometry, and gives rise to a Dirac point that is robust against environmental perturbations. We present an exact result showing that such a spin-orbit coupling in a fermionic system always gives rise to a molecular bound state.
Physical Review Letters


Artificial Gauge Fields, Spin orbit coupling, Topical Insulators, Ultracold atoms


Spielman, I. , Anderson, B. , Juzeliunas, G. and Galitski, V. (2012), Synthetic 3D Spin-Orbit Coupling, Physical Review Letters (Accessed December 11, 2023)
Created June 5, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017