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Synthesis, transport properties, and electronic structure of Cu2CdSnTe4



Yongkwan Dong, Artem R. Khabibullin, Kaya Wei, Zhen-Hua Ge, Joshua B. Martin, James Salvador, Lilia Woods, George S. Nolas


A new stannite phase was synthesized and its temperature dependent transport properties were investigated. It is found that the electrical resistivity increases with increasing temperature. Hall and Seebeck coefficient measurements indicate Cu2CdSnTe4 possesses p-type conduction, as is the case for other stannite compositions. The temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity, κ, exhibits typical dielectric behavior, however the κ values for Cu2CdSnTe4 are higher than those of the selenium containing stannite materials. Electronic structure calculations are used to describe the transport characteristics and the potential for thermoelectric applications is also discussed.
Applied Physics Letters


thermoelectric, stannite, electronic structure


Dong, Y. , Khabibullin, A. , Wei, K. , Ge, Z. , Martin, J. , Salvador, J. , Woods, L. and Nolas, G. (2014), Synthesis, transport properties, and electronic structure of Cu2CdSnTe4, Applied Physics Letters, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created June 26, 2014, Updated October 12, 2022