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Synthesis and Synchrotron X-ray characterization of two 2D Hoffman related compounds [Ni(p-Xylylenediamine)nNi(CN)4] and [Ni(p-tetrafluoroxylylenediamine)nNi(CN)4]



Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Jeffrey T. Culp, Daniel W. Siderius, Yu-Sheng Chen


Synchrotron X-ray single crystal structure studies of two closed 2D Hofmann-type related compounds, [Ni(p-Xylyenediamine)n-tetracyanonickelate] (abbreviated as Ni-pXdam) and [Ni(tetrafluoro-p-Xylyenediamine)n-tetracyanonickelate] (abbreviated as Ni-pXdamF4), have been conducted. The pXdam and pXdamF4 ligands contain two short chains of -CH2NH2 at the para-positions of a phenyl ring. These flexible chains link the 6-fold coordinated Ni2 atoms throughout the network. In Ni-pXdam, the closed-2D network of [Ni-(CN-Ni1/4-)4]∞ is broken into 1D chains, leaving the C≡N groups at the trans-positions of the Ni(CN)4 moiety unbridged. The resulting 1D chains [(trans-)-NC-Ni(CN)2-CN-Ni-]∞ (trans-1D) runs along the [010] direction of the unit cell. The pXdam ligands bridge in pair between the Ni atoms of the adjacent chains. The catenation structure of [Ni{(pXdam)}]∞ could be referred to as double -1D. In Ni-pXdamF4, the -CH2NH2 ligands connect the neighboring chains via the 6-fold Ni2 site. Surrounding the 4-fold Ni1 site, the two trans terminal C≡N groups were replaced by the Lewis base NH3 during the crystallization process, therefore preventing the propagation of the 2D net to form a 3D network. Computed pore volume of both compounds indicated that there is not sufficient space in the structure for accessibility of gas molecules. In both compounds, hydrogen bonds were found, and solvent of crystallization was absent due to the limited free space in the structure.
Solid State Sciences


CO2 mitigation, 2D Hofmann structures, [Ni(p-xylyenediamine)nNi(CN)4], [Ni(tetra-fluoro- p- xylyenediamine)nNi(CN)4]


Wong-Ng, W. , Culp, J. , Siderius, D. and Chen, Y. (2018), Synthesis and Synchrotron X-ray characterization of two 2D Hoffman related compounds [Ni(p-Xylylenediamine)nNi(CN)4] and [Ni(p-tetrafluoroxylylenediamine)nNi(CN)4], Solid State Sciences, [online], (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created April 24, 2018, Updated March 24, 2019