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Synthesis and Characterization of Tapered Copolymer Brushes via Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Copolymerization



Chang Xu, Tao Wu, Ying Mei, Charles M. Drain, J Batteas, Kathryn L. Beers


Tapered copolymer brushes of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) were synthesized via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) by gradual addition of HEMA to a reaction mixture that originally only had MMA as monomer. The copolymer brush grows linearly with polymerization time. The synthesized tapered copolymer brushes can respond to selective solvent treatments. For the same tapered copolymer brush synthesized, while pre-treating the surface with methylene chloride made the surface more hydrophobic, pre-treating the surface with methanol increased the surface hydrophilicity. This change in surface wetting properties is reversible and considered to be caused by the solvent induced rearrangement of the polymer brushes, which is supported by atomic force microscopy images of the surface. Our work demonstrates that the properties of the tapered copolymer brush could be fine tuned by careful control of the tapered chain profile.


&, (3-octylthiophene), (NEXAFS), (PSA), (SANS), (SiOC), (US), (multivariant), (stars, ultra-thin, viscosity, ., 11, 12, 157, 2-D, 2-hydroxyethyl, 2888, 3-point, 4-roll, ?-hydroxymethylacrylate, AFM, AFM, ATRP, Absorption, Absorption, Acid, Adhesion, Adhesive, Adhesives, Adhesives, Advanced, Amorphous, Amplified, Analysis, Angle, Apatite, Apparatus, Applications, Approach, Au, BARC, BaTiO3, BaTiO3, Backscattering, Barium, Beta-Relaxation, Biological, Biomaterials, Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Biopolymers, Bis-GMA, Blend, Blends, Blends, Boltzmann, Bond, Bonding, Brillouin, Building-Blocks, C, C.C., CTE, CVD, Calculus, Capacitance, Carbon, Cascade, CdS, Cement, Cements, Chemical, Chemically, Chemistry, Clay, Cluster, Clustering, Coating, Coefficient, Combinatorial, Combinatorial, Comparison, Complex, Composites, Composites, Concentration, Condensed, Confocal, Constrained, Convergent-Growth, Cooperative, Copolymers, Couette, Coupling, Critical, Crystalline, Crystallization, Crystallization, DC, DET, DETA, DMTA, DSC, DSC, Damage, Dean, Debye-Waller, Decomposition, Deformation, Delamination, Demineralization, Dendrimer, Dendrimers, Dendrimers, Dental, Dentin, Determination, Diagram, Dielectric, Dielectric, Dielectric-Relaxation, Dielectrics, Diffusion, Diffusion, Dilute, Dilute-Solution, Directed, Distribution, Domain, Droplet, Durability, Durability, Dynamic, Dynamics, ESI, Edge, Effect, Effects, Electron, Electronic, Electronics, Epoxy, Epoxy-Resins, Equations, Equilibrium, Exfoliated, Experimentation, Extension, FIlms, FIlms, FT-IR, FTIR, Fatigue, Fiber, Fibers, Field, Filled, Filler, Films, Films, First, Flory-Huggins, Flow, Fluids, Fluorescence, Fomulations, Forces, Formation, Formulations, Fractional, Fracture, Fragility, Functional, Functionality, G., Gelation, Gels, Glass, Glass, Glass-Ionomer, Glass-Transition, Gradient, Grinding, Growth, Gyration, H., HEMA, HFSS, Han, Havriliak-, Heterogeneities, Heterogeneity, Hexyl, High-Throughput, High-throughput, Highly, Humidity, Hydrogel, Hydrogen, IPN, Index, Inducing, Induction, Informatics, Informatics, Infrared, Infrastructure, Initial-Stages, Inner, Integral, Inter, Intera


Xu, C. , Wu, T. , Mei, Y. , Drain, C. , Batteas, J. and Beers, K. (2005), Synthesis and Characterization of Tapered Copolymer Brushes via Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Copolymerization, Langmuir, [online], (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created November 1, 2005, Updated February 19, 2017