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Switching Mechanism of Single Domain Particles in a Two-Dimensional Array



Martha Pardavi-Horvath, G Vertesy, B Keszei, Z Vertesy, Robert D. McMichael


The mechanism of switching of uniaxial, single domain, single crystalline epitaxial garnet particles on a 2D square array was investigated. The anisotropy field of the sample is 2 kOe, while the gaussian switching field distribution is 280 85 Oe. The dominant contribution to the incoherent switching is from inhomogeneous internal fields and canted moments at the corners and edges, where the switching starts. The interaction field with the surrounding particles, reduced nucleation barriers at crystalline defects, thermal activation, and dynamical effects in FMR also contribute to the observed switching field and its standard deviation.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
No. 5


single domain particles


Pardavi-Horvath, M. , Vertesy, G. , Keszei, B. , Vertesy, Z. and McMichael, R. (1999), Switching Mechanism of Single Domain Particles in a Two-Dimensional Array, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created September 1, 1999, Updated February 17, 2017