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Survey of Plumbing Professionals Attending 2021 ASPE Technical Symposium



Toritseju Omaghomi, Natascha S. Milesi-Ferretti, Gary Klein, Steven Buchberger


At the 2021 ASPE Technical Symposium held last September in San Diego, four experts convened a panel session to discuss the next steps in the evolution of the WDC to estimate peak water demands. The panel session, entitled "Extending the Water Demand Calculator to Commercial and Institutional Buildings", was presented to a standing-room crowd of over 75 plumbing industry professionals. A two-page hard copy survey with eleven questions prepared by the University of Cincinnati was distributed to all members of the audience. The purpose of the survey was to learn first-hand from plumbing engineers about [i] key design challenges facing the profession and [ii] methods used to estimate peak indoor water demands. Fifty-five (55 percent) of the attendees responded to the survey questions. A summary of the survey responses is provided.
ASPE Pipeline


Water Demand Calculator, premise plumbing, peak demand


Omaghomi, T. , Milesi-Ferretti, N. , Klein, G. and Buchberger, S. (2022), Survey of Plumbing Professionals Attending 2021 ASPE Technical Symposium, ASPE Pipeline, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created June 15, 2022, Updated March 8, 2024