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Surrogate Mixture Models for the Thermophysical Properties of Aviation Fuel Jet-A



Marcia L. Huber, Eric W. Lemmon, Thomas J. Bruno


We developed surrogate mixture models to represent the thermophysical properties of two samples of aviation turbine fuel Jet-A. One sample is a composite of numerous batches from a multiple manufacturers and is considered to be a representative fuel. A second sample, while still meeting the fuel specifications, contained a lower than normal aromatic content and was selected to demonstrate some of the compositional variability seem among different batches of Jet-A fuel. A surrogate for each fuel was developed with a procedure that incorporated experimental data for the density, sound speed, viscosity, thermal conductivity, cetane number and the advanced distillation curves for samples of the two fuels. The surrogates are simple mixtures containing eight or fewer components, yet they can accurately represent the thermophysical properties of actual real fluids that are very complex mixture of hundreds of components.
Energy and Fuels


Aviation turbine fuel, distillation curve, Helmholtz free energy, surrogate


Huber, M. , Lemmon, E. and Bruno, T. (2010), Surrogate Mixture Models for the Thermophysical Properties of Aviation Fuel Jet-A, Energy and Fuels, [online], (Accessed December 7, 2023)
Created May 27, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017