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Surface and Interface Properties of Crosslinked Amine-Cured Epoxies



Tinh Nguyen, G Xiaohong, M Giraud, Mark R. VanLandingham, Jonathan W. Martin


The surface and film/substrate interface properties of a coating system have a strong influence on its adhesion and durability. However, both the surface and interface chemical composition and microstructure of a crosslinked coating applied to a substrate are affected by the surrounding environments and processing conditions. For example, it has been well established that the air surface of a multicomponent polymer system is enriched with a thin layer of a lower surface-free energy material. Such surface enrichment would generate a surface morphology and chemical composition that are different from that in the bulk or at the film/substrate interface. Similarly, the buried interface/interphase between a coating and a substrate is often affected by processing conditions that control chemical kinetics, diffusion, and volumetric changes. In addition, the interface region often includes preferentially adsorbed species and additives. The resulting interface/interphase is often a very complex structure, which is not easily analyzed or modeled. This study investigates the effects of crosslink density and epoxy resin molecular mass on the surface-free energies and morphology of the surface and the film/substrate interface of crosslinked amine-cured epoxies.
American Chemical Society Meeting


AFM, Building Technology, coatings, crosslink density, epoxy, interface, surface, surface-free energy


Nguyen, T. , Xiaohong, G. , Giraud, M. , VanLandingham, M. and Martin, J. (2017), Surface and Interface Properties of Crosslinked Amine-Cured Epoxies, American Chemical Society Meeting (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017