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Suppression Criteria in Engine Nacelle Fires



Anthony P. Hamins, Thomas G. Cleary


A series of experimental measurements were conducted and simple models were developed in an effort to provide an improved understanding of the influence of various parameters on the processes controlling flame stability in engine nacelle applications. The model was constructed to predict the quantity of agent required to suppress a generic engine nacelle fire. The model was based on suppression experiments from a bench-scale turbulent jet spray burner and a pool burner, and on agent fluid mixing calculations. The experiments indicate that fire hazard is dependent on a large number of parameters including the air velocity, nacelle temperature, fuel type, and system pressure in the nacelle. The geometry of the fire configuration is critical in defining the ease of fire suppression. The model illustrates the importance of injection duration, air flow, nacelle free volume, fluid mixing, and fire scenario on the minimum agent suppression requirements.
Proceedings Title
International CFC and Halon Alternatives Conference and Exhibition
Conference Dates
October 21-23, 1995
Conference Location
Washington, DC
Conference Title
Stratospheric Ozone Protection for the 90's


nacelle fires, fire suppression, aircraft safety, blowout velocity, flame extinguishment, flammability limits, halogenated compounds, ignition, pool fires, sprays, halons


Hamins, A. and Cleary, T. (1995), Suppression Criteria in Engine Nacelle Fires, International CFC and Halon Alternatives Conference and Exhibition , Washington, DC, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created October 21, 1995, Updated February 19, 2017