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SUPPLEMENTARY COMPARISON CCT Supplementary comparison S2 on thermal conductivity measurements of insulating materials by guarded hot plate



Bruno Hay, Robert R. Zarr, Clark Stacey, Nikolay Sokolov, Leonel Lira Cortes, Ulf Hammerschmidt, Jintao Zhang, Jean Remy Filtz, Fleurence N.


Seven National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) from France, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, China and Germany participated in an inter-laboratory comparison on thermal conductivity measurements by the Guarded Hot Plate method. This action was part of a series of supplementary inter-laboratory comparisons (including infrared spectral emittance and thermal diffusivity) sponsored by the Consultative Committee on Thermometry (CCT) Task Group on Thermophysical Quantities (TG-ThQ). The objective of this collaborative work was to strengthen the consistency of thermal conductivity measurements carried out worldwide on low conductive materials. Measurements were conducted successively by all participants on the same sets of specimens of insulating materials (mineral wool and expanded polystyrene) at temperatures ranging from 10 °C to 40 °C, according to the International Standard ISO 8302. This protocol aimed to minimize issues of material variability by circulating the same pairs of specimens among the laboratories following the strict format of a round-robin test program. More than 120 data points (combinations of material, thickness and temperature) were compared. Ninety-two percent (92 %) of the data points were in agreement, with differences to weighted mean values less than the expanded uncertainties calculated from the individual NMI uncertainties and uncertainties related to the comparison process.


BIPM, key comparison, insulating materials, pilot, thermal conductivity
Created January 1, 2020, Updated March 2, 2020